Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sabrina's visit to the INBio Parque July 4

So after an exciting 3 days of tours with other group members to the Canopy tour, Teatro Nacional, Poas Volcano, a casino for poker night (despite the fact that there were no poker tables) and other small sites, I decided to attend a small tour to the IN Bio parque by myself on Saturday morning before our scheduled meeting with the entire Earthwatch group.

I took a tour bus from the hotel to the IN Bio parque which is set up very similarly to the CA science center, except for its focus. IN bio Parque's mission is to recreate the various ecosystems found in Costa Rica, and to house various animals, critters, plants, and other living life that represent CR. My tour guide Sergio (who happens to be from the region of Tarrazu, and who was pleasantly surprised that I would be going to his hometown for this research....but i digress) was very knowledgeable and patient with my fear of critters and snakes.

The two great things of this tour were : a) Sergio's explanation of the symbiotic relationships that NATURALLY occur in the various ecosystems! FOr example, did you know that some plants have holes within their leaves that allow sunlight to pass through the leaves so that the energy can transfer to the plants below. To the untrained eye, the holes resemble the same holes that insects create on leaves as they munch on the plants; however, these naturally occuring holes are much smoother and rounder. GWOW GWOW!!! b) The area of the Butterflies was amazingly beautiful!!!! We walked in the area and there were a bunch of different butterflies fluttering all around! It was amazing...stunning...fascinating! THe colors were mesmerizing!!!! Sergio (the guide) says that if a butterfly lands on a person than that means 7 years of good luck ---guess who is going to Vegas right after this trip!! Woot Woot!!!

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