Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Full Day of Research

Posted by the gang on July 7

I thought it would be fun to get a few words from some of the team members tonight. The reason for that is twofold...first, I am too exhausted to think and be clever...and second I thought it would be fun to get some different perspective on the day's activities. I hope that everyone enjoys the commentaries from the team.-Holly

Did two farms today, which was a first - as was counting coffee beans, which was an enjoyable experience with Sebastian. The second farm proved particularly difficult as the grade was incredible. Overall, an exhausting day but a productive day. Love, Zach

Team H&H (Holly and Hillary) We make a great pair. Two farms down, about 6 more to go. The sun mixed with rain and mud made for an exhausting day, but we had alot of fun! The teamwork with in our group is amazing and we will see what tomorrows day brings! <3 Hillary

I spent the day with bugs. We picked up traps set the night before and took them back to the lab. There we sorted the bugs for transport to San Jose for identification. I learned a lot about the bugs that we were catching from Dr. Banks and Lisa. We also had a pretty good time. In the afternoon we went back into the field to set more traps for tomorrow. I am looking forward to rejoining the rest of the team tomorrow.......Shawn

The "Alpha Team" (Tim and I) really have our coffee bean counting system going! New things I appreciate: counting in twos and being clean. If you are reading this right now and you are clean, take a moment to appreciate how nice it is. Then teach a small child how to count in twos... ~Brandon

Yes, the "Alpha Team" (as we are known among coffee-bean-counting talent scouts) is really revolutionizing the game. The team work, the sun, the mud, the coffee beans--it has all been great. Looking forward to getting out in the fields again tomorrow!

Today was LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG!!! It was more humid today and the sun was beating down on us as we counted coffee beans; other than that things were great!! We are really becoming confident in working in the fields and counting the beans. I find that we are really more comfortable with each other too; I guess we can attribute that to our nights player gin rummmy and texas hold 'em for sugar packets worth an extraordinary amount of 20 colones!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh....the coffee counting life! ---sabrina

We finished the day with a great meal (rice and beans, chicken with vegetables in a pot, salad, and a delicious juice), and fellowship around the table. People have been playing cards in the evening, but tonight we are so tired that we are turning in early. Thanks for reading and posting comments! Yvonne

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